Lobbyists are destroying America

Lobbyists are the glue between money and power.  Billionaires and large corporations spend billions every year to influence Congress and federal agencies.  Lobbyists buy our politicians by funneling those billions into the reelection campaigns of such politicians.  In return, our politicians write laws in favor of billionaires and large corporations instead of hardworking families.  Lobbyists facilitate a system of legalized bribery, plain and simple.  

Our political system is so horrifically corrupt that in some instances our Congresspeople and lobbyists are literally family.  How can any law favor hardworking families instead of billionaires and large corporations when our lawmakers have family members who are lobbyists?  We have to stop lobbyists from destroying the American Dream.  We have to drain the swamp.  

Give America back to the people

We will propose the Congressional Accountability Act to reduce corruption and clean up our democracy.  Senators and Congresspeople will be banned from lobbying for life, and their family members will be banned from lobbying while their relatives are in office.  We will restrict the activities of lobbyists to the maximum extent that the U.S. Constitution will allow.

We will end a corrupt system that allows billionaires and large corporations to buy elections.  We will introduce the public financing of elections.  We will abolish super PACs and overturn Citizens United.  We will create a political system based on the democratic principle of one person one vote.  We will end the dominance of money in Washington.