Inhuman cruelty

I provided free legal services to LGBTQ+ refugees who were applying for asylum in the United States.  Shockingly, LGBTQ+ persons around the world suffer cruelties that are exponential compared to other asylum applicants.  I represented LGBTQ+ refugees who were victims of beatings, stabbings, burnings, lynches, rapes, attempted murder, and unending human cruelties.  While I was able to secure asylum for almost all of the LGBTQ+ refugees I represented, many others are still waiting to enter our country and be safe.  

During the past few years, we have seen indefinite delays in the processing of LGBTQ+ asylum applications.  According to information provided by ICE, LGBTQ+ immigrants are detained twice as long as other immigrants and also face lengthy stays in solitary confinement.  

LGBTQ+ equality

We have to be compassionate and open our doors to those who need us.  We have to reform our immigration system to accommodate and admit LGBTQ+ refugees.  We have to treat our own LGBTQ+ citizens with the respect they deserve.  We will fight to pass bills that prohibit discrimination against our LGBTQ+ citizens.  We will advance policies to ensure LGBTQ+ students can attend school without fear of bullying.