A national crisis

Veteran suicide is a national crisis.  Homeless veterans are five times more likely to commit suicide.  Veterans often have difficulty finding affordable housing because of both unemployment and underemployment.  Instead of addressing issues facing our veterans, our government is obsessed with privatizing healthcare for veterans.  The winners so far have been two private companies hired to run the private healthcare program, and the losers have been our veterans who now have longer wait times.  

Further privatization will dramatically lower the quality of healthcare for our veterans and reward a small group of wealthy individuals and companies with profits.  We will reject any attempts to privatize Veterans Affairs medical services.  

Committing to our veterans

We will fully fund and expand Veterans Affairs.  We will expand mental health services for our veterans.  We will make sure our veterans are compensated faster by improving how compensation claims are processed.  We will expand the Caregivers Program.  We will expand affordable housing for our veterans and help them better transition into civilian employment with jobs that match their skills.